The try guys, a graupel of table content creators who started at Buzzfeed and later farmed  their own production company.

The founding member ned fulmer, who confirmed speculation among fans that he cheated an his wife with an employee of the company.

Remaining three members of the group eugaree lee yang Keith habersberger and Zach Kornfield announcing fulmar would no longer be working with 'The Try Guys"

In a separate statement, Fulmer said he had engaged in a " consensual work place relationship" and apologized to his fans and his wife, Ariel Fulmer.

Fulmer said going forward he will focus an his marriage and children, saying " Family should have always been my priority"

In His twitter account Ned Fulmer said

Ariel Fulmer, in her own statement, themed followers for their support and asked for privacy

Representative for the try guys did not immediately respond to a farces request for comments.