LIONEL MESSI, is an argentine professional footballer. New worth $ 130 Million.

LEBRAN JAMES. is a U.S Basket ball player. Net worth $ 121.2 million.

CRITIANO RONALDO, net worth $115 million. He is 37 years old Portugal football player

NEYMAR, is a Brazilian football icon at the age of 30. His net worth $95 million

STEPHEN CURRY, with net worth $92.8 million. He is a Basket ball player from US.

KEVIN DURANT, Net worth $92.1 million. American Basket ball player.

ROGER FEDERER, Total worth $ 90.7 million. Is a Swidish Tennis player.

CANELO ALVAREZ, Net worth $90 million. Mexican boxing champion 31 years old.

TOM BRADY, $83.9 million, American football player.

GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO, with net worth $80.9 million, Greece basket ball player.