Atomic bombs. That is the go-to deal with any consequences regarding approaching space objects like space rocks and comets, taking everything into account. 

Motion pictures like Profound Effect and Armageddon depend on nukes, conveyed by stars like Bruce Willis, to save the world and convey the show.

However, planetary guard specialists say truly, on the off chance that stargazers recognized a hazardous approaching space rock,

the most secure and most intelligent response may be something more inconspicuous, as essentially moving it off kilter by smashing it with a little space apparatus.

That is exactly the very thing NASA did on Monday night, when a space apparatus went directly into a space rock, crushing itself.

In pictures spilled as the effect approached, the egg-formed space rock, called Dimorphos

filled in size from a blip on screen to have its full rough surface come rapidly into center before the sign went dead as the specialty hit, spot on.

Situation happened precisely as expected, they said, with nothing turning out badly. "Supposedly our most memorable planetary protection test was a triumph,"

said Elena Adams, the mission frameworks engineer, who added that researchers looked on with "both fear and delight" as the rocket approached its last objective.