Hurricane Ian made landfall over western CUBA early Tuesday as a category 3 storm and its track and intensity are uncertain as it approaches the US mainland.

Florida is predicated to stay within the starms path, will came ashare alang flarida's west coast.

Flarida is preparing for its first significant hurricane to hit the state since 2018. We know so for about Hurricane Ian and the threat it poses.

The hurricane's biggest threat may be the storm surge - a rise in ocean water over dryland caused by low air pressure and winds.

The national hurricane center predicts 5 to 10 feet of storm surge is passible along floridas gulf coast.

The florida escarpment puts the gulf coast at higher risk of storm surge.

Residents of costal around the Tampa Bay region have been ordered to evacuate and urged to go event short distances to avoid the worst of the storm.

Arrival time of tropical starm force winds.