International Space Station

International Space Station | Track Overhead Satellites

International Space Station: There is a fascinating project by a Reddit user named OkuboHeavyIndustries that allows you to tap into the hidden world of satellites using a QtPy board. By utilizing this clever project, you can visualize the real-time presence of satellites orbiting directly above you. While the original project employs the QtPy module, you can replicate it using the Raspberry Pi version, the QtPy RP2040.

International Space Station

To successfully execute this project, a few additional components are required. Two screens are used to display data related to your location and the details of overhead satellites. Additionally, a GPS module is necessary to obtain your current location. Once your location is determined, the project utilizes this information to identify the satellites passing by unseen in the sky.

The first screen provides information about the currently passing satellite, while the second screen offers more comprehensive details. It not only plots your current location on a world map but also estimates the orbital path of the satellite, allowing you to visualize its past and future trajectory.

OkuboHeavyIndustries generously shared a comprehensive breakdown of the hardware required for this project. The setup consists of a QtPy module connected to two SSD1306 OLED displays. A BN-280 GPS module is used to acquire your location.

The satellite detection aspect of the project functions more as a satellite estimation. It uses your location to compare against a list of over 7,500 satellites. The QtPy estimates the satellite’s current position and checks if it is more than 70° above your location’s horizon. If so, it alerts you to its presence and displays relevant details on the screens.

To witness this project in action, you can visit the original Reddit thread shared by OkuboHeavyIndustries. Furthermore, they have graciously provided the project’s code on GitHub. If you have an interest in microelectronics projects, be sure to explore our compilation of the best Raspberry Pi projects, showcasing more incredible creations from the maker community.

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